Talks of the Prophet of Islam


These talks  (hadiths) are supported by international conferences and European scientific symposiums, and scientific facts can be found  in it.

The importance of scientific conferences

In European international conferences, scholars of all countries of different races, colors and religions gather in one place to exchange opinions and advice on scientific opinions and international problems, conferences usually do not make their decisions  after the issue of the decision is approved by most members.

And more of them(!)

And how inelegant  are their minds(!)

That is why the decisions of these international conferences were the subject of trust, honesty and certainty.

The irony is that these opinions and decisions came in the twentieth century in conformity with what happened on the lips of the Prophet of Islam in the sixth century AD, that is, some 14 centuries ago.

Is drinking alcohol good for the cold?

In 1928, the nineteenth conference on combating intoxicants was held in the city of Invers, Belgium, to discuss the following issues:

The first is a research submitted by the medical committee of the conference, which determines the uselessness of alcohol in warming the body and protecting it from the effect of cold.

The second is a research presented by the medical committee of the conference, and its topic is a dose of expelling a drink from whiskey, and is it suitable as a treatment for weakness and emaciation.

The third is a research presented by the Social Committee of the conference. Is the prohibition of alcohol a confiscation of public freedoms?

At this international conference, the chief physician of the Vienna Hospital stood, saying: 

The medical men were on a great mistake, as they recommended obedience to doses of alcoholic beverages in order to benefit from them in fighting the cold, because of their apparent effect in warming the body when consumed.

This doctor said:

{The feeling of warmth in this case is a false feeling, as it is followed by a decrease in body temperature}

Then the discussion was opened, and one of the attending physicians said:

The people of the island of Iceland, which is one of the coldest countries, used to seek help to resist the cold by consuming alcoholic beverages, so deaths increased among them to the extent that the rulers of affairs were disturbed. 

Therefore, they formed a committee for this purpose, and this committee proved that the large number of deaths on the island is due to the fact that the people exhaust their body heat with what you are given intoxicants, so the blood rises from the inside of the body to the surface of the skin, and it gradually cools it with the coolness of the air until it comes to their  end, so life ends with the end of the heat, and this phenomenon is what prompted Parliament Iceland to issue legislation prohibiting alcohol in the country. 

Then the envoy of Sweden got up after him and said:

I want to pay the attention of the conference members to what happened to Dr. Scott and his companions on their trip when they went in a balloon to explore the South Pole. Scott realized the effect of alcohol in the cold weather, so he told his companions not to drink alcohol so as not to lose their body's immunity to bear the cold, and when his companions forgot the advice and resorted to whiskey bottles The result was as recorded by Dr. Scott in his diary. 

Only those who followed his advice and avoided drinking alcohol were saved from death. 

Then one of the attending Egyptian  physicians said: 

The human sacrifices referred to by the honorable members have been spared by Muslims because they followed the orders of their religion and their Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. He warned them against drinking alcohol and made it clear to them that it is of no use in fighting the cold.

Then he gave them a translation of the following talks (hadith). 

It was narrated by  Daylam Al-Himyari, he said: I asked the Prophet, (PBUH)  “O Messenger of God, I am in a cold land in which severe work is being done, and we take a drink from this wheat, with which we are strengthened for our deeds and for the cold of our country.”

He said: Does they get drunk?

He said: Yes

He said: So avoid him.

 I said: People do not leave it.

He said: If they do not leave him, then fight them


The members of the conference met his speech with applause and approval  and asked them to dictate to them the text of the noble hadith. 

    .They considered it a proper way to resist alcohol

Alcohol is a disease or a cure?

And when it was time to talk about a dose of wine and the uselessness of it in medication, one of the members of the conference stopped saying:

There are thousands of patients that we used to please them and prescribe different types of wine for them, and the truth is that we were hastening to eliminate them.

the representative of Egypt at this conference he stood up and said: The Prophet of Islam preceded you in this, only he made it clear to his people that alcohol is not useful for medicine, then he translated the following hadith for them.

It was narrated by Tariq Al-Jaafi, may God be pleased with him, that he asked the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, about alcohol, but he forbade it and said, “I only make it for medicine.” He said :

{it is not a cure but a disease}

The members of this conference were amazed at the conformity of their new views and theories with the sayings of the Prophet of Islam, may God bless him and grant him peace, and they realized that they did not come up with anything new.


Has the prohibition of alcohol confiscated public freedoms?

And when it came the turn to talk about the issue of whether the prohibition of alcohol confiscated public freedoms. 

One of the members of the conference stopped saying:

Damn us Europeans, and as long as we implement the prohibition of this intoxicant, its victims are no less than the victims of epidemics and wars, we must prevent people from getting addicted to alcohol, even by resorting to force and violence.

So the representative of Egypt stopped saying 

 What you come up with is new

The meeting asked how?

So he answers:

The Islamic religion was not satisfied with prohibiting alcohol, drinking it, selling it, making it, carrying it, serving it, and profiting from its price, but rather inflicted a corporal punishment on the drinker, which is 80 lashes, preserving public liberties from being subjected to assault by alcoholics. 

The members applauded and expressed their great admiration for what they heard after realizing that the Prophet of Islam, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, had preceded them in these opinions and ideas that they claimed were new, and that they came to discuss and consult in their matter from most of the world.




























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